Complete Immigration Check-in

All new international students will need to complete an Immigration Check-in.

What will happen at the Immigration Check-in?

As part of the Immigration Check-in, you will provide several documents to ISSS so the University of Minnesota can verify your eligibility to take courses during the upcoming semester. As part of this Check-in, you will also be given information about immigration and your responsibilities as an international student.

Undergradudate Students

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When will my Immigration Check-in occur?
Your Immigration Check-in will occur as part of your New Student Orientation. Visit Orientation and First Year Programs' website and select “Freshman” or “Transfer” orientation for more information.

Transfer Students, Please Note: Immigration Check-In for transfer students is a two-part program held in the morning and afternoon. You must attend both sessions.

What should I bring to my Immigration Check-in?
You must bring the original and a copy of the following immigration documents:

  1. Your passport identification/picture pages
  2. F-1 visa page from your passport (except Canadian citizens)
  3. Entry stamp from your passport (make the copies after you arrive in the U.S.)
  4. Your I-20

Please note, ISSS staff will not be able to make copies of your documents during the Immigration Check-In. You can make copies on campus at University Libraries or Printing Services.

Will the hold on my record be removed after I attend Immigration Check-in?
ISSS will temporarily remove the AI hold on your record so you can register for your first semester of classes. Make sure to go to MyU and navigate to the "Holds" webpage to see if there are other holds on your record that you will need to get removed before you will be allowed to register. Transfer students must attend both the morning and afternoon sections of Immigration Check-In to have their AI Hold removed.

ISSS's hold will be permanently removed after you attend the New International Student Seminar (NISS) later in the semester. You will not be allowed to register for classes for your second semester until you attend NISS.

Please visit the ISSS website for more information.