Workshop on Healthy Living

Photo courtesy: U of M China Office

On August 1, the University of Minnesota China Office hosted a workshop on healthy living for incoming Chinese international freshman students and their parents. Alumna and nutritionist Snow Wang provided the keynote presentation, focusing on nutritional aspects of food in general and key differences between American and Chinese food. In a series of tips on how to avoid gaining the "Freshman 15", Snow highlighted the healthier food choices among typical American-cuisine food selections, offered advice on grocery shopping and reading nutrition labels on food products, made suggestions on where to obtain healthier food in the Twin Cities, and shared her personal twist on preparing quick, healthy and delicious food that is convenient for a student to do on campus. The presentation was educational, informative, and absolutely fun! It reinforced the benefits of balancing healthy eating and routine exercise on managing stress and conditioning the brain to better absorb learning while on campus. 

A second component of this workshop was fresh, ice-cold and invigorating tea served by another fabulous alumna, Fran Liu. She introduced the unique qualities of Western tea, including health benefits, and the connection of tea with contemporary living. Fran recently joined a startup company, “Hao Hao He Cha” (or Enjoying Tea), which makes a variety of single-serving tea products. The teas she brought were fantastic! 

Thank you to everyone that was able to attend and make for a meaningful and fun event! We fondly look forward to hosting and delivering more activities in the future that support our students, parents, alumni and other key stakeholders.