"End-of-Month Alumni Friday" Gathering, November 2012

The fourth “End-of-Month Alumni Friday” event was held on the Peking University campus, and generously hosted by Dr. Xiaoru Yuan and Dr. Fang Fang, both of whom are professors in Peking University and devoted alumni. Thank you to all of you who braved the cold weather that day to attend the gathering; a special thanks to our alumnus King Lee, who flew in from Zhuhai Guangdong for this event!

During the gathering we obtained a rare opportunity to tour our distinguished alumni’s labs and gain perspective into their research. Dr. Yuan’s lab involved data visualization, data mining, and massive data analysis and the applications of such skills to medical and many other high-tech industries. We were amazed to learn about the projects that Dr. Yuan conducts for various social causes, as well as to follow how a specific Weibo post is shared and forwarded, at what time and from which channel that post obtains a far-reaching spread all over the board.

Dr. Fang introduced us to his lab and led a fascinating Q&A session about high-technology in the modern world, and further provided us with a glimpse of the devices that may be coming in the near future. In Dr. Fang's lab, we learned that seemingly ordinary objects were extraordinary innovations; in particular, we were introduced to an everyday-looking hat that concealed a cutting-edge high-tech study tool. Given Dr. Fang's expertise in psychology, we also discussed the topics of lie detection technology, curing people of depression, and the potential to "cure" series killers from perspective of clinic psychology.

Our special even concluded over dinner at an elegant hotel on the Peking University campus; the decorations for the room and table were gorgeous, as hosts Drs. Yuan and Fang made an extra effort to provide a memorable dinner. In addition to delicious food and fun conversations, our hosts expressed their desire to continue to strengthen our alumni network and the connection to Peking University, and our alumni group shared their own ideas about how to grow our alumni network in the future.

Again, we would also like to extend a big thanks to all of the alumni that made the long trek to the Peking University campus on a very cold day. Let’s look forward to meeting more alumni at next “End-of-Month Alumni Friday” gathering!

ALumni Day, November 2012