“End-of-Month Alumni Friday” Gathering, October 2012


On October 26th, the University of Minnesota Alumni Association Beijing Chapter and the University of Minnesota Beijing Office held the third “End-of-Month Alumni Friday” gathering at the corporate office of Hewlett-Packard in Beijing. We’d like to extend a very sincere thank you to our passionate alumna Wang Xinzhu, who made this event possible and memorable.

Miss Wang and her colleagues at HP kicked-off the event by providing our alumni with a tour of their facilities and demonstration of HP’s new Cloud Computing technology. Using 3D vision, they demonstrated how Cloud Computing can be used in real-world applications, such as monitoring and controlling the industrial processes of oil rigs, as well as how the technology can easily integrate with smart phones to alert workers of potential problems. The potential uses of this are truly amazing! 

Ms. Wanling Qu, Beijing Office Manager, facilitated a forum titled “Global Business Inspirations” with four special guest alumni who are seasoned professionals working in various transnational organizations. These alumni leaders shared their professional experiences and insights pertaining to international business in China, focusing on operations, strategies and challenges.

Alumnus Mr. Li Jianwei, the President and Chief Designer of EDSA ORIENT, one of the world's leading planning, landscape and architecture design firms, gave a visual presentation on landscape design as well as the management and design standards for the portfolios of projects that his firm works on. As an exciting opportunity for students, Mr. Li would be able to offer dozens of internships every year to design students, and our University students are encouraged to apply!

Mr. Wang Weidong, who graduated from the U’s Law School and is the Managing Partner of the Grandall Law Firm, gave an overview of the legal system in China, trends in the development of the nation’s legal industry, contributions that the legal field brings to society and individuals, and touched on the key issues facing the profession in China. As a senior lawyer with about 20 years of experience, Mr. Wang provided a rich illustration of the legal situation in China.

Mr. Yu Zhenhua, Business Development Director of Schneider Electric and a Carlson School MBA alumnus, introduced his company to us, which provides integrated solutions for more than 100 countries in their construction of energy, infrastructure facilities, factories and buildings. Mr. Yu gave a compelling case for why energy solutions will be more and more important for companies and nations to address this century.

Miss Wang Xinzhu, Training Program Designer at HP, provided alumni with her insight on human resources issues facing many Chinese companies, and highlighted her experience at HP to discuss their approach to staff training and development. It was fascinating to learn Miss Wang’s ideas about how to judge and train the capacity of people.

After the forum, alumni went out to enjoy a nice meal and fun conversations. Thanks again for Miss Wang and our other guest speakers for giving our alumni a valuable and memorable alumni gathering. Also thank you to all of the alumni who attended this event and we are looking forward to connecting again at the next “End-of-Month Alumni Friday” gathering!