Yen Shih-Pau

Yen Shih-Pau received a bachelor of science from Taiwan Provincial Chung Hsing University in 1963, and then came to the University of Minnesota in 1964 to study statistics. He received a master of science in statistics from the University in 1969. 

After graduation, Yen became a staff member at the University Computer Center. Later, Yen became the Director of Academic and Distributed Computer Services in the Office of Information Technology. He has worked for the University till his retirement in 2008. 

Yen has made significant contributions to many technological advancements that have been in place at the University, such as campus wide email, wireless networks, campus wide software licensing, establishment of the university digital media center, and the introduction of student computer labs. Because of his leadership and vision, Minnesota was one of the first major universities to have email. He was the guiding force behind the University’s success in signing a contract with Apple for workstations at extraordinarily deep price discounts. 

To recognize his achievements, Mark Yudolf, the president at the time, presented Yen with the President’s Award for Outstanding Service.