Winston Yu

Winston C. Y. Yu received his bachelor’s degree from National Taiwan University in 1968, his master’s degree in animal science from Oklahoma State University in 1971, and his doctoral degree in animal science from the University of Minnesota in 1979. He spent 16 years at the University as a student, postdoctoral fellow, and faculty member. He has described his time at the University as one of the most memorable and critical periods in his life.

Since his return to Taiwan, Yu has held prestigious leadership positions, including working an investigator at the Institute of Biomedical Sciences in Academia Sinica, which he helped found. In 1995, Yu was recruited as secretary general of Taiwan’s new National Health Research Institute, which was modeled after the National Institutes of Health in the U.S. Yu was a 2006 recipient of the University of Minnesota Distinguished Leadership Award for Internationals where the selection committee cited his roles as a highly respected scientific leader, a brilliant administrator, a dedicated public servant, and a scientific statesman.

Photo Source: National Health Research Institute