Wang Mingqi

Wang Mingqi, also named Wang Chi-Shi, was born in 1906 in Henan province. He graduated from Henan University in 1932 and started teaching there until 1934, when he came to the University of Minnesota. In 1936 and 1938, respectively, Wang received a master’s degree and a doctorate degree in plant pathology. 

Upon returning to China, Wang taught at the College of Agriculture at Henan University and later became the dean. In 1951, Wang worked for the Department of Biology at Fudan University as a professor and department head. 

Wang has made great contributions in the fields of agricultural technology research and teaching. He was the first to discover the heterothallicsm of ustilaginales. Additionally, Wang published eight books, including “Concise Dictionary of Biology” and “Heredity and Heteromorphosis.” Wang also edited “Directory of Plant Diseases in Henan Province.” In 1984, Wang established the Wang Mingqi Scholarship at Henan University, which still exists today.