Wang Hua-Cheng

Wanh HUa-Cheng
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Wang Hua-Cheng, who was born in 1903 in Dantu, Jiangsu, graduated from Tsinghua College in 1923 before enrolling at the University of Minnesota. He received a bachelor of arts from in 1924 and then went on to earn a doctoral degree from the University of Chicago. Afterward, he studied Public International Law at Harvard University and returned to China in 1928. Wang became a professor in political science at Tsinghua University and then Southwest United University. He published the book “Modern Public International Law” in 1932. 

In 1939, Wang served as a counselor at the Highest National Defense Committee of Republic of China. He then worked for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 1946, he served as an ambassador in Portugal until 1963.