Tsiang Teh-Chi

Tsiang Teh-Chi, born in 1908 in Jiangsu province, graduated from College of Agriculture at University of Nanking in 1934, and received a master of science in agronomy in 1938 from the University of Minnesota. 

After returning to China, Tsiang successively worked for the Central Agricultural Research Institute, East China Institute of Agriculture Sciences, Water Science Research Institute of the Yellow River Conservancy Commission in Zhengzhou. From 1971, Tsiang served as the chief engineer at Bureau of Water and Soil Conservation, and then deputy chief engineer at Shaanxi Hydropower Bureau till his retirement in 1990. 

In addition, Tsiang served as a representative for the 2nd National People’s Congress, a member of the 5th and 6th Chinese Political Consultative Conference, a standing director of Shaanxi Hydropower Society, and a board member of Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering.