Tseng Teh-Chu

Tseng Teh-Chu, born in 1919 in Hainan, graduated from National Central University (now Southeast University) in 1942. In 1947, he received a master degree in agricultural engineering from the University of Minnesota. 

After returning to China, Tseng served as an engineer at the State Farm Administration Bureau in the Ministry of Agriculture. Then he served as a professor, department head, and vice president of Beijing Agricultural Engineering University (now Chinese Agricultural University). 

Tseng is a pioneer in Chinese agricultural mechanics and engineering. His book “Mechanical Soil Dynamics” was widely used as a textbook among institutions of higher education, and was included in the book series of “Contemporary Important Works of Science and Technology --- Agriculture”. In 1995, Tseng was elected to become an academician at the Chinese Academy of Engineering. 

In addition, Tseng actively participated in the establishment of Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery and Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering. He also served as a member of the academic committee at Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, a member of the committee of science and technology at Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, and Fisheries, and also a member of Chinese Association of Science and Technology. 

Tseng has received many honors and awards, among which include Advanced Individual for Education, Science, Culture and Health in Beijing, Excellent Instructor in Institutions of Higher Education in Beijing, National Outstanding Achievement Expert Award, and the first prize for National Excellent Book of Science and Technology etc. Tseng also served as a representative on the 2nd and 3rd National People’s Congress.