Sun Lung-Kee

Sun Lung-Kee
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Sun Lung-Kee, who was born in 1945 in Chongqing, lived in Hong Kong before receiving bachelor’s and master’s degrees in history from National Taiwan University in 1970. Sun received his master of arts in eastern European history from the University of Minnesota in 1976 and his doctorate in history from Stanford University in 1984. 

As a doctorate candidate, Sun published his first book “Deep Structure of Chinese Culture.” After graduating in 1984, Sun became a guest lecturer at Kansas University and in 1985 he was granted the Mellon Fellow Award to serve as a visiting scholar at Washington University in St. Louis for a year. He then worked at Memphis University before he took a professorship position in Taiwan. 

Sun has been teaching American history, Russian history and comparative cultural studies at National Chung Cheng University in Taiwan since 2004.  

He has published a number of academic papers and books, including “Historians' Warp: Essays in History and Psychology,” “A People Not Yet Weaned,” and “The Chinese National Character From Nationhood To Individuality.”