Shill Chao Ying

Shill Chao Ying, who was born in 1901 in Zhijiang, Hubei, attended Tsinghua College in 1914 and graduated in 1922. He enrolled at the University of Minnesota and received a bachelor of arts magna cum laude in 1924 and a master of arts in political science in 1925. In 1924, he was awarded the Albert Howard Scholarship. After graduating from the University, Shill enrolled at Harvard University to study law and received a J.D. in 1927. He then returned to China to teach in the law school of Wuhan University.

In 1936, Shill went to the Soviet Union to serve as first secretary at the Chinese embassy and started his career as a diplomat. Shill moved on from the Soviet Union to serve as the counselor at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Taiwan, the consul general in Canada and South Africa, and the executive vice-minister at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Taiwan. Shill is also known for his translation of “Sketches of a Cottager” (雅舍小品) by Shiqiu Liang (梁实秋).