Robert Gang Duan

Robert Duan (Gang), who was born in Shanghai, immigrated to the U.S. with his family in 1986. In 1992, he was admitted to the Department of Chemistry at the University of Minnesota “with remarkable scores” and received a doctoral degree in polymer chemistry in 1997. He worked as the vice-chairman of the Association of Chinese Students and Scholars for three years.

In 2008, he joined Valspar and has since been dedicated to pushing forward research in green, environmental-friendly, low-carbon and water-based paint, and the promotion of new products and technologies of water-based paint. In particular, he devoted himself to researching water-based paint technology. In May 2012, Duan received the honor of “Ten Experts Leading in Waterborne Technology in China” for his contribution to waterborne paint. In April 2013, Duan became the first Chinese Global Technical Director at Valspar.

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