Lu Dajing

Lu Dajing, born in 1907 in Beijing, graduated from Tsinghua College in 1927, received a bachelor’s degree from College of Agriculture at Cornell University in 1929, a master’s degree from Louisiana State University in 1930, and a doctorate degree from the University of Minnesota in 1933 with the honor of Sigma Xi. Lu was one of the youngest students who had received doctoral degrees from the University at that time. 

After graduation, Lu returned to China and taught at Zhejiang University and Guangxi University where he also served as a dean. After that, Lu served as an agricultural consultant for Guangxi Relief and Rehabilitation Administration, director of Guangxi Reclamation Management Department, agricultural engineer at Guangdong Sugar Company, a professor at Lingnan University, vice director for Plant Protection Department of South China Academy of Tropical Plant, and a researcher and vice director of Guangdong Academy of Microbiology. 

In addition, Lu served as a member of National Science and Technology Committee, chairman of Guangdong Society of Microbiology, and a consultant of Chinese Society of Pathology.