Lin Jung-Charng

Lin Jung-Charng, born in 1945 in Taiwan, received a doctoral degree in exercise physiology from the University of Minnesota in 1985. 

After graduation, Lin taught at the Department of Education of National Taiwan Normal University for thirty-five years, and he also served as the dean of the department that has established the first doctoral program in physical education in Taiwan. Lin currently teaches at Chinese Culture University. 

In addition, Lin served as the president of National Society of Physical Education, the president of Taiwan Society of Physical Education, and president of National Sports Coaching Association. 

Lin has received many awards and honors including Outstanding Teaching Award from Chinese Cultural University in 2013, Outstanding Teaching Award from Ministry of Education in 1994, and the Wooden Bell Award from Allied Association of National Educational Related Society in 1993. 

Lin has published many books including “Exercise Physiology” and “Sports Science and Training”, and both have been so popular that they were printed for several editions. Lin also has many translated publications.