Lin Chun-Pin

Lin Chun-Pin
Photo Source: Global Programs and Strategy Alliance

Lin Chun-Pin earned a doctorate in oral biology from the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry in 1994 and a master of science in biophysical science from the College of Science and Engineering in 1995.

He is an expert microscopist, which makes him prominent in the field of academic and clinical dentistry, both in Taiwan and internationally. Lin is also recognized for his work in biomechanical studies, clinical service, and administrative services.

He serves as president of the Academy of Endodontology of Taiwan, and in 2000, he became secretary of medical affairs at the National Taiwan University Hospital, taking charge of both medical and dental affairs. Lin played a crucial role in the establishment of the Center for Medical Quality and served as its first director.

Lin is also a dedicated educator in Taiwan. He re-established the School of Dentistry at National Taiwan University Hospital as an independent institution.

As an accomplished researcher, Lin led the the way in Taiwanese dental research. He once served as Taiwan’s administrator for the International Association for Dental Research – Southeast Asia. Lin also hosted and chaired several of the largest international dental conferences, including the Asia-Pacific Endodontics Conference.

In 2012, Lin received the Distinguished Leadership Award for Internationals from the University of Minnesota.