Li Feng Swen

Li Feng Swen
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Li Feng-Swen, who was born in 1902 in Hunan, graduated from Nanjing University in 1930 and received a master of science in entomology from the University of Minnesota in 1936. 
After Li retured to China, he served as a professor and dean at several institutions including Zhejiang University, Wuhan University, and Hunan University.

In 1940, he published his book “China Applied Entomology,” which was the first publication of comprehensive and systematic research in entomology in China. In 1951, the second edition of this book was published. Li published another book in 1944 titled “Parasitology in Rural China,” which has been a valuable source on the topic of economic development in rural China.

Li served on the board of the Entomological Society of China, as a committee member of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and as an editor of the Journal of Entomology.