Kuang Shoukun

Kuang Shoukun, who was born in 1898 in Guangdong, graduated from the Department of Mines at Tsinghua College in 1919 and then enrolled at the University of Minnesota. He received a bachelor of science in mining in 1923. From 1923-1925, he worked as an engineering intern for Island Creek Coal Company.

Kuang returned to China in 1925 and served as an engineer of mines at Mentougou Mining Company and Kailuan Mining Bureau, the director of Linxi Mine, and the deputy director of Fushun Academy of Coal Mining.

Kuang was also an educator and taught at Tangshan Kailuan Architecture and Engineering School, Fushun Coal Mining School in Liaoning, Beijing Mining and Industry College (later named China University of Mining and Technology). In 1986, Kuang established the “Kuang Shoukun Scholarship” at China University of Mining and Technology, which financially supported more than a hundred students.
Kuang also played a key role in revising and editing the “English-Chinese Dictionary of Mining and Mineral” (英汉采矿矿物释义大辞典), “Modern Science and Technology Vocabulary” (现代科学技术词汇), and “Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms” (采矿、矿物及有关术语释义词典).

Kuang was a member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Committee in Liaoning and a representative of the People’s Congress in Fushun.