Hwang Shui-Tsai

Hwang Shui-Tsai
Photo Source: www.baike.com

Hwang Shui-Tsai, who was born in 1907 in Nanjing, graduated from the University of Nanjing in 1929, and then taught at the College of Agriculture at Centeral University. In 1937, Hwang received a master of science in soils from the University of Minnesota.

After graduation, Hwang returned to China and taught at the University of Nanjing. In 1945, Hwang and several other scholars established the Soil Science Society of China and Hwang served the chair of the board of directors in 1947.

In 1952, Hwang played a significant role in the establishment of the department of soils at Nanjing Agricultural College. In 1958, he led the first national soil survey in China.  Hwang was the editor-in-chief for the book “Soil Science – Basics of Soil Science and Categories of Soils,” which held a high reputation and popularity in the field of soils and was often used as a textbook at universities.  In 1986, Hwang and another author, Zhou Chuanhuai, published a book titled “Soil Genetic Classification and Resources Assessment,” which was another significant contribution to the literature in the field of soil science.
Hwang served as a standing member on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th People’s Political Consultative Conference in Jiangsu Province.