Hwang Liang

Hwang Liang, born in 1906 in Guangdong. He graduated from College of Agriculture at University of Nanking in 1929, and then became an instructor at the university till 1935 when he came to the U.S. to study. In 1937, Hwang received a master of science in phytovirology from University of California, and in 1939, he received a doctorate degree in plant pathology from the University of Minnesota. 

After graduation, Hwang returned to China and became a professor at College of Agriculture of Guangxi University. In 1952, Guangxi Agricultural University was established, and Hwang became a professor there and also served as the director of academic affairs. 

Hwang also served as a committee member at Chinese Academy of Sciences and Ministry of Agriculture, a representative at the 1st People Congress in Guangxi, standing director of China Society of Plant Protection and standing director of Chinese Society for Plant Pathology. 

Hwang conducted many important research projects on the disease protection and pest management of vegetable and grain crops, which contributed to the development of local agricultural production.