Ge Chunlin

Ge Chunlin, born in 1907 in Jiangsu province, graduated from the department of chemistry at Tsinghua University. Ge then served as a professor and dean at Northwestern College of Technology (now Northwestern Polytechnical University), and an engineer and the head of Qingdao Chemical Engineering Factory. In 1949, Ge received a master degree in chemistry from the University of Minnesota. During his study at the University, Ge was actively engaged in student activities. With Tu Guangchi and other student leaders, Ge founded a study group called “Ming She”, with a mission to persuade Chinese international students to return to China and make contributions to the development of science and technology in China. Through this organization, Ge successfully persuaded more than one hundred Chinese international students to go back to China. 

After returning to China, Ge successively served as the director of Technology Department of the Ministry of Light Industry and the vice dean and advanced engineer of Science Academy of the Ministry of Light Industry. At the same time, Ge also served as the vice board chairman on Chinese Association of Light Industry and Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China.