Chen Chunting

Chen Chunting, born in 1915 in Jiangsu, graduated in civil engineering from National Central University in 1937, and then became an instructor at Northwestern Agricultural College. In 1946, Chen served as a researcher at Central Hydraulic Laboratory. In 1948, Chen was enrolled in the University of Minnesota and received a master degree in civil engineering in 1949. 

After returning to China, Chen served as the director of Office of Water Supply at Nanjing Hydraulic Laboratory. In 1956, Chen served as the vice director of Water Conservancy and Hydroelectric Power Research Institute till his retirement in 1987. In addition, Chen has also served as a board member of Chinese Hydraulic Engineering Society. 

Throughout his career of over forty years, Chen has devoted his work to hydroelectric research. He has participated in designing and evaluating many important hydraulic projects. Chen’s publications include a book he edited “Hydraulic Model Experiments” and a book he translated “Canal Hydraulics”, etc.